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Sponsoring Israelis

Spreading a Positive Revolution!

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“It is not enough to be against things…”  - Edward de Bono

BDS @ L.I.F.T.

[ Blessing Israel + Direct Investments In Israel + Sponsoring Israelis ]


ISRAEL is the only piece of real estate property that GOD call’s as HIS and His alone @ Lev 25 : 23 and therefore rightly called THE PROMISED LAND.


SHALOM ISRAEL [ ASIA PACIFIC ] has been “sowing seeds” [ $$$ ] on the good soil @ Israel since 2002 and true to GOD’s own promise we have reaped a bountiful spiritual harvest – 30, 60 and a 100 – fold ! We invite you to place your faith in the promises of the GOD of ISRAEL even as you step out in faith to walk in the opposite spirit of the world.


The world steeped in Anti – Semitism or hatred of GOD’s Chosen People have opted to do execute B.D.S., especially in Europe, against the Jewish People and the Jewish State of Israel. B.D.S. stands for BOYCOTS + DIVESTMENTS + SANCTIONS. We as Christians, profoundly grateful for all that we have received from the hands of the Jewish People ( 1 ) Gospel , ( 2 ) The Bible , ( 3 ) Our Messiah,  wish to show our gratitude by another form of B.D.S.


B.D.S. @ SHALOM ISRAEL stands for … B : Blessing Israel , D : Direct Investments In Israel, and S : Sponsoring Israelis.




B : BLESSING ISRAEL by blessing the poor in the land , or by sponsoring Jews living in the diaspora called “Olim” to make “Aliyah” ( return home ) to the land of their forefathers … remembering the promises of GOD @ Gen 12 : 2 – 3.  


D : DIRECT INVESTMENTS – You can sow your seeds [ $$$ ] directly into the land [ farms ] where vegetable and fruits are grown using Israeli agricultural technology for local consumption and where a portion ( tithes ) goes to feed the poor in the land. Your seeds can be sown either as “donations” ( Any Amount ) or “interest – free loans” ( USD120,000 Min ) or to even to share in the profits ( USD 250,00 and above ).

S : SPONSORING ISRAELIS – You can be a blessing to the next generation by investing into the young Ethiopian children in Israel , who are falling really far back in education as compared to their other Israeli counterparts who have migrated from Europe and America. By partnering with certain local agencies we can seriously make a difference in the lives of these little children in as far as their future is concerned.

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