Spreading a Positive Revolution!

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Historically, revolutions have been negative – defining, overthrowing or destroying an enemy, fuelled by a sense of mission and direction. After victory, however, this energy often races on, causing factionalism and strife among the victors. The positive revolution also has energy and direction, but its opponents are entrenched patterns in thought. Progress, maintains Edward de Bono – whether on a personal or global scale – depends on thinking and behavior that are positive and constructive. The world today is undergoing dramatic, often violent changes, and human behavior is frequently shaped by guilt and negativity. To lift this dark cloud and create positive revolution, we need to rely more on humour, a key element in changing perception.

In the positive revolution there are no enemies.  

B.D.S. ( Boycotts + Divestments + Sanctions ) is a movement made of up individuals and institutions that are committed to a single purpose – to direct extreme hate against Israel to the point to see her ( the people and the land ) disappear once again from the world map. A movement such as this makes our world a worst place not a better place. This movement discharges much negative energy – the kind of energy that invites demonic elements to enter and to establish strongholds.

ISRAEL today is under heavy fire and it is not limited to bombs, rockets and bullets. More rockets and bullets and bombs are released through propaganda and through social media against ISRAEL. If only those who hate ISRAEL would stop, pause and ponder as to why they hate the very people who have been a blessing not only to them but to the world at large everything will change. ANTISEMITISM ( or B.D.S. an extension of that ) is not a rational ideology – at its core the belief system is irrational which is why fighting them “rationally” is to fight a losing battle.

We from SHALOM ISRAEL ASIA PACIFIC - L.I.F.T.  - LOVE ISRAEL FAITH TRANSFORMATIONS  want to create a positive revolution – a movement moving in the opposite spirit – LOVE! We want to direct “love” towards the Jewish people especially those who are living in Israel. As Christians we are called to demonstrate “love” not hate and therefore we choose even to direct this love even to those who are a part of the B.D.S.  Movement remembering the words of our LORD who called us even to love our enemies. For us , to “LOVE ISRAEL does not mean we have to hate the Palestinians – for love is stronger than hate.

“It is not enough to be against things…”

Edward de Bono

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