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Holocaust Survivors are Jewish children who miraculously survived the Holocaust ( 1939 – 1945 ) a time in which 6 millions Jews were systematically exterminated, including 1.5 million children. These Jewish children who survived are today in their late 80’s and 90’s and slightly over 200,000 of them are still alive today but not for long. It is very likely that we will no longer be able to see them alive in the course of the next 7 years or so. We have an urgent task to undertake with them. Which is why the years 2022 – 2029 are going to be focused on them primarily as they are the founding fathers and mothers of Israel.


Israel was once upon a time a formidable “harvest force” to be reckoned with. Much of the gentile world in the first century AD came to know JESUS ( YESHUA ) as their Messiah through the Jewish Apostles from Israel ( Palestine then ). One day in the future, following the return of JESUS, Israel will once again be/become a powerhouse for evangelism and missions transforming itself into the greatest “harvest force” the world has ever seen in all of history. But Israel today is a “harvest field” as the 7 million people who live in Israel urgently need to hear the good news once again. This is where You and I come in.

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Israel is a rich country but paradoxically there are many who are classified as “poor” within Israel with their numbers reaching a staggering figure of  27% in the last 2 years due to Covid.  Among these “poor” many do not get a decent meal a day. In the past, we tried several innovative approaches to feed them on a daily basis and all was going well until Covid struck. Now we have a situation where the demand far exceeds the supply. As we prayed GOD began to show us a way where there was no way – to buy land and to grow our own crops. And this we have been actively pursuing these last two years through the generous help of believers like you. This appears to be a God–given solution plus allowing us as JESUS’ partners in His end–time plans to fulfill Isaiah 61:1-5.

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Coming face to face with the troubled youth in Israel, mostly Russian youths, was a door opened by the LORD Himself.  Without a safety net within society many of these young Russian youths who have made Aliyah recently find themselves in foreign territory unable to speak the local language ( Hebrew ) and unable to communicate in English as they began to fall through the cracks becoming addicted to crack/coke (cocaine). Some, especially the males, end up so badly addicted that even the army rejects them as they turn 18. Miraculously the LORD open the way for us to reach out to them and to minister to them and as a result even more started to knock on our doors. To provide a safety net for these young people we opened the doors for them to be trained in hydro-phonic farming and to be employed in our farms so as to find dignity and provision. We are now in the process of developing a full range discipleship program for these “sons and daughters” who will be the future “fathers and mothers” on this land of Israel. We have a strategy to transform the next generation of fathers & mothers through professional innovative training programs under the banner “Children Of David”.


Jews have been expelled from their native country of Israel several times throughout history and the last one being AD 135 following the Bar Kochba war with the Romans. Both Moses and the Prophets are gone on record that the Jewish people will be exiled when they fail to walk in accordance with their covenant with the GOD of Israel. Miraculously the Jews began returning to their homeland following the rebirth of Modern Israel on May 14, 1948. From a few hundreds in 1948 the population of the Jewish people in Israel has grown to 7 million – with many children born in Israel to migrant parents and grandparents known as “Olim”. But there are still millions more who are still living in the diaspora and are desperately wanting to come back to Israel ( Aliyah ) as part of the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, but
many are unable to afford the homecoming. This is where you and I come in fulfilling another ancient prophecy by Isaiah in Chapter 49:22.

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Little did we know that GOD had summoned the people living at the “end of the earth” ( Pacific – Asia ) with a mandate and a mission hidden in an ancient prophecy @ Isaiah 62: 11 ”Behold, the LORD has proclaimed to the end of the earth: Say to the daughter of Zion,“ Behold, your salvation comes.” We who live in Asia + Pacific have a mandate to bring the good news of salvation to Israel ( aka Daughter of Zion ). And ever since 2001 thousands from Asia and the Pacific have responded to this call and commission by spreading H.O.P.E in the land of Israel. We believe that what we have done until now, and much has already been accomplished – see website for details, is just the tip of the iceberg. We believe that our best years are ahead especially as we converge into Israel as never before @ 2022 – 2029. Look out Israel – here we come from the islands of the largest and the deepest ocean in the world @ Pacific and from the largest continent with the greatest number of people @ Asia.

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