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Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Dr. George Annadorai

I believe that ISRAEL is God’s idea and that her time has come. The Bible can be essentially summarized in two statements:

1) God blessing a nation called Israel

2) God blessing ALL Nations through Israel.

Blessed is the man or the woman who understands this!

Between 586 BC and 1948 (about 2550 years) ISRAEL as a nation disappeared from the map of the world. But GOD having made a promise (Isaiah 66:8) brings her back into life against all odds causing Israel to be re-born as a nation on May 14, 1948.

The world stood stunned by this “act of God” as no nation in history that have ever disappeared have ever reappeared on the map of the world. TIMES MAGAZINE cover page read “The Greatest Miracle of the Century” on June, 1948, a month after its miraculous birth.

In 2018, the world witnessed another supernatural moment as ISRAEL turned 70 (1948 – 2018) at which point another promise by God in the Bible is to be set in motion – Jeremiah 29:10 - … at the end of the 70 years, I will fulfill my good word toward you. ISRAEL will become an idea whose time has come. Donald Trump, the President of the USA did something unprecedented in the Israel 70th anniversary:

He moved the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,

He declared that the Golan Heights is officially a part of Israel,

He announced the annexation of the territories of Judea – Samaria.

GOD is being true to his word! All this happened since Israel turned 70, so 2018 was the year of the tipping point.

We believe that the harvest season in Israel officially started and that 1000’s will be rushing to Galilee (Israel) to be trained by the Masters’ Men – made up of Messianic Jews + Christians to train the greatest harvest force ever in recorded history to bring in the harvest in the greatest field ever

Once again “multitudes” will begin to flock into the Galilee. So, GALILEE OF THE NATIONS…get ready!

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