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George Annadorai was born in Singapore. He comes from the marketplace starting with the Port of Singapore Authority which became the world’s busiest port during his service there and subsequently working in an Indian based MNC stationed in Singapore overseeing all Far – East operations. He has been a Pastor for nearly 21 years before he took up his mandate to serve Israel. His life's mission is to inspire Asian countries’ leaders and communities to share his love and burden to God’s First – Born Son Israel (Exodus 4:22) even as modern Israel is a fulfilment of Prophecy (Isaiah 66:8). Pastor Annadorai is a fiery orator. His charisma captivated thousands of viewers from the beginning, all of which were surprised and amazed to hear his story. In his lectures, he always explains how Singapore's development is connected with Israel through God's blessings to the nations. George has received several commendations from the Israeli Knesset for his service to the needy and has  dedicated his last 20 years to blessing Israel, raising funds for several NGOs and now for L.I.F.T. - LOVE ISRAEL FAITH TRANSFORMATIONS. He is also the founder and CEO of SHALOM ISRAEL ASIA PACIFIC based in Tiberias.

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Gabriel is the Director of Ariel Global Links, Ltd., Israeli legally registered Agriculture Company opened since year of 2009, located in Poriyah, Galilee. The company is engaged in a variety of agricultural sectors in the global market, having a subsidiary in India. In 2013 Gabriel took over the operations of the Galilee Experience (today, Galilee of the Nations), and developed many tourism projects in Tiberias. Gabriel is engaged with at-risk teenagers for a long time and founded David's Children, an NGO that works in partnership with the city whose motto is: "We exist to transform the lives of the forgotten youth, and lift them up on their way to success. "
Gabriel Talker coordinates all actions of L.I.F.T. - LOVE ISRAEL FAITH TRANSFORMATIONS!

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