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You can create a crowdfunding campaign and set up a custom  page reaching donors in your country and around the world to benefit L.I.F.T. You can even set a fundraising goal and challenge your supporters to help you meet it. This is a very effective way of  support the I-HOPES projects.

It's very easy to create a fundraising  account to benefit L.I.F.T.  just click at:  


We will obey the Ministry of Health guidelines, we will not accept volunteers during the COVID-19 outbreak!


Volunteering provides insight into the lives of so many, all while providing a feel-good moment for you. Volunteers reap so many benefits when volunteering with L.I.F.T. include developing professional connections, gaining experience, making new friends, providing relief to the needy. Normally  we need people picking produce from agricultural fields , sorting and packing in the logistics center and distributing to the needy in Tiberias. Due to the spread of the coronavirus our actions are allowed only for residents right now. But get in touch, we want to hear from you. Send us a message!

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